If we go back 50 years, where the apartments are today there was just a small unpaved road and a big square.

The 60s

In the 60s, due to the economic boom and the ever increasing presence of transport vehicles, the road was widened to allow the transit of the buses filled with visitors to the Montecastello Sanctuary. The village in those years maintained a strong rural identity, which today is still present in some mountainous situations accessible only on foot.

The 70s

In the 70s, Pietro Orio decided to build a house for himself and his family and next to it a small ESSO petrol station and some rooms to rent. The location was extremely advantageous: near the village centre, with a stunning view of the lake and near Hotel Gallo, which was run by Pietro and his wife Lina.

The 90s

In the 90s, Pietro decided to close the petrol station and the part of the building which had served as a workshop fell into disuse.

The Rebuild

In 2012, Pietro’s children decided to completely rebuild the site to give a new lease of life to the house by transforming the workshop into some apartments and parking area.

The building has been completely reconstructed to comply with the current strict building and energy saving regulations.

The reconstruction has given many advantages: a high-level thermal and acoustic insulation, the air conditioning system, spacious reserved parking and balconies with stunning views of the lake and Mt. Baldo.